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Oh, don't talk of love the shadows purr..
murmuring me away from you..
don't talk of worlds that never were..
the end is all that's ever true...
there's nothing you can ever say...
nothing you can ever do..


( 6/3/2010 22:07:7 - N. 375839 )

Ultima corsa..
Arriveremo vincenti o meno?
vedremo : >


( 26/1/2010 17:00:33 - N. 375487 )

[....So look at me now, i'm just makin my play..!                                                                                                Don't try to push your luck..just get out of my way....]


( 13/1/2010 19:52:40 - N. 375386 )

Ultimamente non ci sto capendo poi molto..è come se mi fossi persa da quanlche parte,ma senza ricordare dove.

[This is me,one of the lost ones,without an honest heart as compass.]

( 21/11/2009 21:20:42 - N. 374870 )

Se non avessi avuto la fortuna di avere vicino un amico come te, penso che sarei crollata gia` da tempo.
ah dimenticavo:[*Pe*puzza].

( 8/11/2009 21:47:31 - N. 374703 )

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