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Le GPPNs sono come Dio: la gente (accademici) dice che esistono, se ne parla, le si descrive, si dice cosa non sono... ma nisciun l'ha maj vist.

CioŤ boh.

( 2/7/2013 20:06:23 - N. 378140 )

Despite that she did not believe in monogamy, she admitted that she is jealous too. I ask her why:

Because you want to feel that youíre the only one... I think itís human,that we need control in life. Then we believe that the only way to
do so is by monogamy. Whatís monogamy? Iíve been thinking a lot about desire. Itís silly, isnít it, to think that you can feel only for one person, and to limit yourself. But P [the girlfriend] has a need for this monogamous bond, or contract, or whatever it is. Itís very important to her. The reason why I get jealous is because I know I project my own infidelity on her, that I know I canít really be [loyal], well... I think Iím a bad person and I feel guilty about it, because I might be interested in, turned on by somebody else.

( 17/6/2013 22:55:33 - N. 378137 )

"I'm sure you know this about yourself already but I'm just going to tell you: when you focus your attention on somebody it is like sunshine, such an amazing feeling of warmth and energy. The only problem is that when you take it away it makes everything seem a lot greyer than it was before, having known what it was like to have had that."

( 30/5/2013 15:26:22 - N. 378130 )

Credo che da quest'anno non potevo ricevere riconoscimento migliore: ringrazio la 2012 MPP Cohort per avermi riconosciuto il best smile of MPP 2012.

( 25/5/2013 02:03:42 - N. 378127 )

All those yesterdays.

( 5/5/2013 12:49:22 - N. 378104 )

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