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eta': 39
Citta'.: Napoli

; styLe iS an attitude, houSe iS a lifeStyle...

; God is the dj, life is the dancefloor and I am the muSic...

; just to be simpLy faShion... baby!

; fashion is go out of fashion, styLe is eternaL...


Your love is magical, that's how I feel
But in your presence I am lost for words
Words like, "I love you".

You gave me strength when I wasn't strong
You gave me hope when all hope is lost
You opened my eyes when I couldn't see
Love was always here waiting for me.

I close my eyes
Just to try and see you smile one more time
But its been so long now all I do is cry
Can't we find some love to take this away
`Cause the pain gets stronger every day.

The Girl Is So Dangerous
Take Away My Money
Throw Away My Time
You Can Call Me Honey
But You're No Damn Good For Me

Love Is A Feeling
Give It When I Want It
`Cause I'm On Fire
Quench My Desire
Give It When I Want It
Talk To Me Woman
Give In To Me

Don't Try To Tell Me
Because Your Words
Just Aren't Enough

So I've Learned That Love's Not Possession
And I've Learned That Love Won't Wait
Now I've Learned That Love Needs Expression
But I Learned Too Late

Every Night She Walks Right In My Dreams
Since I Met Her From The Start
I'm So Proud I Am The Only One
Who Is Special In Her Heart

There'll Be No Darkness Tonight
Lady Our Love Will Shine
Just Put Your Trust In My Heart
And Meet Me In Paradise, Girl

Whisper three words and I'll come runnin'
And girl you know that I'll be there

Liberian Girl...
More Precious Than Any Pearl
Your Love So Complete
Liberian Girl...
You Kiss Me Then,
Ooh, The World
You Do This To Me.

At Night When The Stars Shine
I Pray In You I'll Find
A Love So True...


Life's about a dream
I'm really undefeated when MaW is on my team, theme
Reality brings forth realizm
It's the man of steel organizm, twizm
Not from the prizm, take charge like manilla
Nine five shaq represent with the Thrilla
Grab my crotch, twist my knee, then I'm through
MaW's bad, I'm bad
Who are you?


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